Florida Hospitals … Have you had a Medicaid Outpatient Checkup Lately?

Florida Hospitals … Have you had a Medicaid Outpatient Checkup Lately?

July 1st 2013 Florida Inpatient Medicaid reimbursement changed from a per diem rate to an Inpatient Prospective Payment System. With any major change in payment methodology, there are always winners and losers. Regardless of whether your facility will benefit from this change or not, what all hospitals should do in this time of uncertainty is have a Medicaid Outpatient “check-up”.

Medicaid Outpatient reimbursement in Florida is revenue code driven. Medicaid provides a list of revenue codes they will pay once per patient encounter if care is not taken when selecting revenue codes for Medicaid claims you could be getting drastically underpaid. The easiest, fastest way to find out if your facility is being underpaid by Medicaid is to have a professional Outpatient claim “check-up” conducted. During a check-up claims are reviewed and revenue code assignment is checked for accuracy and appropriateness according to Medicaid guidelines. Incorrectly assigned revenue codes are identified and recommendations are made for changes which will result in additional payment from Medicaid when a corrected claim is submitted.

We would like to offer Florida Hospitals a free “Medicaid Outpatient Check-Up” to ensure that all facilities and healthcare systems in the state are receiving the Medicaid dollars that they are entitled to. It can be done remotely or we can come to you. This process is free and fast, it only takes about 60 minutes (on site) and once we’ve reviewed your claims we will provide you with a complete Medicaid Outpatient “report card” so that you can see if you are receiving all the Medicaid dollars you should and if not how much are you potentially losing. We can also help you recoup those dollars with a full recovery project which takes minimal time and the best part is we do all the work; there is virtually no impact on your internal staff. We do the review, the billing and reporting. The cash all goes directly to the facility, the only thing your employees have to do is post all the payments and that’s a problem we all like to have.

All we need from you to get started is:
1. A recent Medicaid Remit (electronic or hard copy)
2. A signed BAA if you would like the check up done remotely
3. Your total volume of Medicaid Outpatient Claims per year

And that’s it! We will start your check-up immediately and have your report card with the results ready in no time. It is simple, fast and FREE.

Omega Technology Solutions, LLC is a healthcare consulting and software firm. We have been in business for over 20 years and have hospital and healthcare system clients all over the contiguous 48 states. We are experts in Revenue Integrity Analytics specializing in Lost Charge Recovery. We have been conducting Medicaid reviews and audits for Florida hospitals for more than a decade. In just the last 5 years we have collected over $20 million in Medicaid payments on behalf of Florida hospitals. This is revenue that they did not even know they were missing and would never have received without our assistance. For your free Medicaid check-up contact us today at 1-800-559-8009 or through our website at http://www.Omegatechnologysolutions.com.

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