Omega | Lost Charge Recovery | Revenue Integrity Analytics for Hospitals
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We do it differently.
We do it well.
Get in touch What's Your Hospital Missing? The average 350-bed hospital misses $22 million in
revenue capture opportunities.
- The Advisory Board The average 350-bed
hospital misses $22 million
in revenue capture opportunities.

Founded by One of Revenue Cycle Management’s Top Minds.

Ann Fierro, RN, CPA, MBA – Founder and President | Omega Technology Solutions

Ann has been a prominent voice in healthcare since 1975 and specializes in the areas of operations, revenue enhancement, regulatory compliance, nursing practice enhancement, and hospital charge auditing.

Risk and Opportunity. Your Hospital Balances These Every Day.

We have helped hospitals analyze their claims data for over 25 years. Understanding where risks and opportunities lie within your revenue cycle requires breadth and knowledge of the entire RCM spectrum, and data analytics combined with investigative expertise.

Omega’s Lost Charge Recovery service retroactively identifies and verifies reimbursement dollars owed to hospitals from government and commercial payers. In our experience, we find the last 20% of missed revenue our competitors can’t. Root cause and compliance analysis provide our clients with the information needed to implement corrective actions to avoid future missed charges and potential compliance issues.

Omega was built from the ground up over a period of 25 years by listening to our clients and building capabilities to provide the services they need. Superior results combined with a contingency fee model makes Omega your clear choice in Lost Charge Recovery.
Ann Fierro | Founder | President

What Revenue Are You Losing?

Reasons for Missed Charges

On average Omega discovers over $500 in unbilled charges per outpatient surgery. We can recover up to two years of historical unbilled revenue for our clients and then continue to find lost revenue month after month after month.

  • Provider systems focus on cost, not revenue cycle performance
  • Legacy billing policies on “soft charges”
  • Incorrect charge entry
  • Incorrect clinical documentation
  • Complexity in charge automation
  • Increased scrutiny by payers

How Much Could Your Hospital Be Missing?

Our Lost Charge Calculator will provide a quick reference point based on historical data and a few simple metrics about your hospital. Every hospital is unique. To get greater visibility on the benefits of a Charge Capture project along with a detailed review by one of our senior analysts, click below to learn more and set up a no-cost assessment.

Lost Charge


Gross Recovery Estimate

For a quick estimate of potential gross charges that could be recovered, use the top slider to select the annual volume of outpatient surgeries and the bottom slider to select how many months retrospectively you can reasonably expect your payers to pay. Typically this is between 12 and 24 months.


Request a no-cost assessment for greater visibility into your revenue cycle.

Estimates are based on 25+ years of historical findings and are not a guarantee of performance.

Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meeting

We Deliver Results,

Not Just Reports

Our revenue cycle solutions are designed with one purpose in mind: deliver revenue to the bottom line today and going forward.


Average Identified Lost Charges


Per 150 Bed Hospital


With Zero Upfront Fees

The Difference is in the Details

Omega has the DNA of a full-service RCM service provider with a laser focus on Lost Charge Recovery.

As an early adopter of technology, we developed our Revenue Integrity AnalyticsTM platform of apps and processes including Analytics and Workflow; CDM Integrity; Eligibility; EDI; Claims Management; Claim Status; and Claim Analysis.



Omega’s methodologies, technologies, and efficiencies have been proven and perfected over 25+ years in healthcare revenue cycle experience. Omega’s subject matter expertise, deep understanding of payers, industry connectivity, and a consultative approach translates into superior results, and an improved client experience.

Omega is fundamentally different than its competitors.

Results That Hospitals Trust

Omega’s Clear Value To Hospitals

Adds Revenue to Your Bottom Line

Supporting Documentation of Proposed Billing Practice Changes

Charges Verified by Manual Comparison to Medical Record

Claim Accuracy and Compliance

Root Cause Analysis and Management Action Plan to Avoid Future Missed Charges

Zero Increase in Cost, Collaborative Process

Our results speak for themselves. Schedule a no-cost assessment or phone call to learn more about how
Omega can uncover lost charges and add revenue to your bottom line.