Are you afraid?

Are you afraid?

Are you so afraid of the new laws that you’ve become paralyzed?
Are you so afraid that charging for your services will be called “non-compliant” that you’re giving your services away?
Are you so afraid of being “non-compliant” that you’ve forgotten that in order to accomplish your mission you need cash?
Are you so afraid that your staff will disagree with you, that you’ve lost the courage of your convictions–that you don’t trust your own knowledge and common sense?
Have you listened to “experts” telling you what you CAN’T do for so long that you just follow their advice whether it makes sense or not?
Are you so afraid of making a mistake that you’ve abdicated your leadership role?
Are you so afraid of being accused of abuse that you are abusing yourself?

We’re tired of having hospitals give their services away for no reason. Therefore, we’ve decided to start a series of articles that tell you what you CAN do to bring in cash TODAY. We will debunk the myths that have been circulating for the last few years by giving you DOCUMENTATION to support your charging practices. And we will give you ideas to increase your bottom line with just a few “tweeks” of your bills.

We are very excited about this new series and we look forward to your questions and comments.

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