Managed Care Contract Recovery

You need to ensure that you´re being paid correctly when it comes to your managed care payors. Overpayment means a liability, and underpayment means less cash flow. Omega´s Managed Care Contract Recovery service provides a strategic solution that is both economical and ensures compliance. We have found that many hospitals simply mark underpayments as a contractual adjustment without verifying that the payment was accurate, while overpayments are identified and often returned. There simply aren´t enough resources to address the problem and ensure payment accuracy. Engaging Omega Solutions will bring you the immediate and ongoing benefits that you need, without breaking the bank.

Here are the key features of the Managed Care Contract Recovery service:

Omega has assisted hospitals throughout the U.S. with revenue recovery projects for over 18 years. We can help you ensure that your claims are being paid in accordance with contract terms. Our Revenue Integrity Analytics service has received the prestigious Peer Reviewed designation from the HFMA and our clients find our services to be highly successful and entirely unobtrusive.

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