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Omega Technology Solutions Is Your Revenue Cycle Solution

Omega Technology Solutions has led the industry in charge capture audit and recovery services since 1992. Omega´s Revenue Integrity Analytics service is the foundation of it´s revenue cycle enhancement approach, because it delivers an immediate and lasting bottom-line financial impact.

We have invested more than a million dollars in the development of our software solutions, which are designed to provide your hospital with consultant-grade tools for identifying revenue opportunities and addressing compliance issues.

We invite you to review our services and solutions and to learn more about the impact that we´ve had for other facilities. When you´re ready, contact us to learn how we can specifically address the needs of your hospital.

Bottom Line Improvement

Bottom-line Results

Our revenue cycle solutions are designed with one purpose in mind: deliver revenue to the bottom line today and going forward. 

We deliver results, not just reports.

Revenue Recovery

Revenue Recovery Services

We find it, fix it, and get out of your way through our Revenue Integrity Analytics service.

This comprehensive clinical review of your outpatient claims ensures that all documented items were billed, that all billed items were charged appropriately, and all payments were in accordance with your contracts.


Missing Charge Recovery Software

Missing Charge Software 

Our OCExaminer software was developed based on nearly 20 years of experience in performing revenue recovery. We offer exclusive lost charge edits that are designed to help you quickly identify revenue enhancement opportunities.

Revenue Cycle Insights

Revenue Cycle Insights

The revenue cycle area is one that is constantly changing. Omega is constantly researching these changes and incorporating them into our services and software applications.

Our staff is constantly developing educational materials to help our clients ensure that they are up-to-date and ahead of the curve.

CDM Integrity Software

CDM Integrity Software

The charge master is the heart of the hospital´s revenue cycle. Omega´s ChargeMASTER application is designed to ensure that your charge master is complete and compliant. ChargeMASTER provides real-time validation, unlimited licensing, and iPhone™ simplicity allowing your staff to quickly and easily maintain the CDM.

Contract Analysis Services

Contract Analysis Services

 Many of our clients simply are not getting reimbursed in accordance with contract terms. Omega has developed proprietary technology that allows us to quickly analyze your claims information to ensure that you´re being paid correctly. Whether you need a strategic or comprehensive approach, Omega can deliver significant results.